Coming Soon: Deposit, Buy, and Convert BONK to Win Up to $20,000

In a few days, BONK – the first dog-themed coin on the Solana blockchain – is coming to BitMEX Spot for users to deposit, buy and convert the BONK token. 

To celebrate the new listing, we’re launching a BitMEX Goes BONKers campaign – where you can win up to $20,000 in BONK for trading the new listing (find out how here). 

As of 8 March at 09:00 UTC, you can deposit and convert BONK. Trading for the token will go live at 04:00 UTC on 11 March.

For a lowdown on the new listing and how you can win your share of the rewards, read on. 

If you haven’t signed up for a BitMEX account yet, we’re currently offering up to $5,000 in BMEX Tokens for verified users- you can register here.

About BONK on BitMEX 

The addition of BONK on BitMEX means users will soon be able to:

Trade BONK/USDT on BitMEX Spot via the open order book here
Convert Tether into BONK (and vice versa) with no fees nor any need to worry about slippage.
Deposit and HODL BONK in their BitMEX Wallet.

Note: There will be a minimum deposit requirement of 100,000 BONK.

On top of the new spot listing, you can already trade our BONK perpetual contract – 100BONKUSDT – with up to 10x leverage. Find the full contract specs here.

What is BitMEX Goes BONKers?

To celebrate the arrival of BONK on BitMEX Spot, we’re giving away $20,000 in BONK to users who trade the new token on BitMEX. We have a total of three reward schemes: 

Reward 1: $250 for 20 new BitMEX traders

Distributed to those who register, deposit, and trade a minimum of $500 in BONK via a lucky draw.

Reward 2: A share of $10,000 in BONK airdrops to BMEX Token stakers

Distributed to all traders who stake a minimum of 1,000 BMEX on BitMEX.

Reward 3: $500 in BONK as a referral bonus

Distributed to the first 10 users that refer more than five friends to BitMEX. 

Want your share of the rewards? The campaign runs from 8 March 2024 to 22 March 2024 – check out the full details here and get in on the action. 

What is BONK? 

BONK is the first dog-themed coin on Solana. It first launched via airdrops to the Solana community in 2022. As a result, there was a price rise of close to 35% in 48 hours. Since then, BONK has established itself as a true community coin of Web3. 

The main goal of the BONK team is to bring back liquidity to Solana-based decentralised exchanges (DEXs). The idea was to create a full-fledged community coin, that could be used across all the dApps built on Solana. And that each user could have the opportunity to become part of the ecosystem, – one “where everyone gets a fair shot”.

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