Announcing Super-Volume Rebate Tiers for Kraken Futures

We’re always looking for ways to improve your trading experience. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new trial that offers maker rebates to high-volume futures traders.

Traders with 30-day volumes of $250M+ on select futures contracts will automatically earn maker rebates up to 0.01%.

Kraken Futures Super-Volume Rebate Tiers details

BTC Perpetual Contracts (Single and Multi-collateral)

$250M+ volume = +0.01% maker rebate

ETH Perpetual Contracts (Multi-collateral) + 65 others*

$250M+ volume = +0.00125% maker rebate

$500M+ volume = +0.0025% maker rebate

$1B+ volume = +0.005% maker rebate

Our goal is simple: incentivize tight spreads and high liquidity

Maker rebates reward clients that add significant liquidity – which results in better pricing for everyone.

This trial covers select futures contracts for the next three months. We need your help testing if these incentives achieve our desired outcomes: please reach out to your account manager with any thoughts or questions. We look forward to your participation and feedback.

If you’re new to trading futures on Kraken, we invite you to discuss how we can meet your trading needs. These rebates are designed to make our platform even more attractive for high-volume trading.

Sign up today and get 24/7 access to our dedicated Institutional Relationships and Account Management teams via email, phone or a preferred encrypted messaging service:

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