A Recap of How to Create Your First Trading Bot in 30 Minutes by BitMEX and ProfitView

In partnership with our partner, ProfitView, the BitMEX team hosted a webinar for users looking to take their crypto trading to the next level. 

Led by trading experts from both companies, the session “How to Create Your First Trading Bot in 30 Minutes” was designed to upskill attendees on how to get started with automated crypto trading by learning to set up and run a basic grid bot on BitMEX using the ProfitView platform. 

You can find a full recording of the webinar below, or read on for a summary of the session and the topics discussed. 


A Summary of the Webinar Session Covering Crypto Trading Bots 

The webinar kicked off with a trial demo of a grid trading bot running on BitMEX. This helped attendees gauge how a crypto trading bot works in practice. 

They were then taken through the fundamental topics of and key concepts related to crypto trading bots

Régimes and their relation to algorithms
How algo trading works 
The concept of signals 
Trading bot infrastructure
Why events are better than candles 
The different types of bots 

To then put the above concepts into practice, the audience were given a live demonstration of how to set up and implement their crypto trading bots on ProfitView. This included walking through how to…

Set up API keys on BitMEX and ProfitView
Implement the code for trading bots 
Integrate external libraries and signals

The webinar wrapped with a Q&A. Attendees were given the chance to take home a range of resources to boost their crypto trading including a GitHub library with a grid bot code template and an invitation to join the AlgoAcademy Guild on BitMEX. 

The AlgoAcademy Guild is a great opportunity for any crypto trader to trade collaboratively with other pro bot traders, share crypto trading strategies, and work together to win the weekly cash prize. 

Those interested can join the AlgoAcademy Guild here or join the AlgoAcademy Discord here to connect with other traders. 

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