1-Click Trading: Rapid trade execution on Kraken Pro

Elevate your trading experience with one click 

An advanced trading tool designed to integrate into your existing trading strategy, our new 1-Click Trading widget features:

Easy setup: Add to your layout by clicking the “Add Widget” button

Customizable orders: Tailor your trading strategy by configuring the widget to place market or limit orders

Flexible quantities: Specify your order quantity in either base or quote units, giving you the flexibility to size your order exactly how you want

Margin trading*: Enhance your trading power with the “Enable margin” toggle, leveraging your trades for greater potential returns or losses

Quick execution: Buy or sell your desired quantity instantly with dedicated buy and sell buttons; hover your mouse to see available balances

Market favorites: Customize by adding markets to your favorites via the “Manage markets” button, keeping your most-traded markets at your fingertips

Visual insights: Opt to display 24h sparklines for a visual snapshot of market movement, alongside a live view of the bid/ask spread in both native units and percentage

*Margin trading subject to client eligibility requirements

Maximize your market presence

1-click trading with sparklines combined with grid view charts and recent trades

Imagine the ability to monitor and trade multiple pairs simultaneously, without the hassle of manually switching between markets. With the 1-Click Trading widget, you can configure your layout to display a grid view of your favorite markets. This setup not only enhances your market oversight but also enables you to execute quick trades across multiple markets with unparalleled ease.

Why the 1-Click Trading widget can be a game-changer

The 1-Click Trading widget is more than just a new feature – it’s a strategic advantage. By reducing the time and steps required to execute trades, Kraken Pro clients can keep their focus on market analysis and strategy optimization. This level of efficiency and speed is crucial in a market where opportunities can arise and disappear in the blink of an eye.

1-Click Trading widget in list view

We invite you to experience the future of trading on Kraken Pro with the 1-Click Trading widget. Streamline your trading, enhance your toolset and seize market opportunities faster than ever before.

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