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CMG – CryptoMiningGame

CryptoMiningGame is a great Game with the Abillity to Gain real Cryptos

TypMining-Game Simulator
CryptosBitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Tron, BitcoinCash, Etherum
WithdrawFaucetpay, Direct-to-Wallet, Coinbase (only Shiba)
DescriptionFirst of all, its a Mining Simulator. You can decide which Currecy you want to mine.
Normal Members can Mine 3 Currencys (Bitz, Dogz, Litz), these are teh Equivalents to Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. Your Miner can be upgraded in Time and Performance. You need Energy and Crystals which you can Find in the Cryptoworld Map of the Game. With CryptoCoinz you can Upgrade the Hardware, also with the Cards you can find in the CryptoWorld and in Crates. After 1000 Hpower you are Premium Member and you can get some Cryptos moore (Dashz, Etherz, Bitcashz, Tronz and Chibz)
OtherIts also a Card- and Battlegame, so can battle other Users in Rounds with the Cards you have found. For Winning you get Cryptos and other Things of the Game.
BonusYou need Gems for the Withdraw. Gems can be find on the Map, in Daily Bonus, as LoginBonus and for Doing Surveys and MiniGames.
ReferalsGet referrals and earn up to 10% of all their earnings (Bitz, Dogz, Litz, Bitcashz, Dashz & Etherz, CryptoCoinz & Crystals)!

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