ZKasino scam suspect arrested, $12.2M seized by Dutch authorities

Dutch authorities arrested a man suspected of being involved with the scam surrounding the ZKasino online gambling platform.

The Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) arrested the 26-year-old on April 29, who is suspected of fraud, embezzlement and money laundering.

The Dutch authorities seized over 11.4 million euros ($12.2 million) worth of crypto, real estate and luxury cars, according to a May 3 report by FIOD.

This marks the first arrest in the ZKasino fraud case, where investors lost at least $33 million of digital assets. The platform initially promised users their investment back within 30 days. However, the smart contract suggests that the platform never intended to return the funds, according to Dutch authorities.

The suspect’s detention was extended by 14 days for investigative purposes.

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While the suspect’s identity is yet to be confirmed, some crypto community members on X have been speculating on his identity.

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ZKasino: From investment to exit scam

ZKasino first presented itself as an emerging blockchain-based gambling platform, attracting deposits from investors and promising returns within a month. The platform went live on April 20, attracting over 10,515 Ether (ETH) from over 10,000 investors.

Investor concerns intensified on April 20 after an on-chain transaction showed ZKasino moving all 10,515 ETH into the Lido staking protocol.

Users also noticed it had changed the wording on its website, removing a statement that said the ETH “would be returned.”

Adding fuel to the fire, in a March X post, ZKasino claimed to have closed a Series A investment round at a $350 million valuation with backing from crypto exchange MEXC and venture firm Big Brain Holdings, among others.

Big Brain Holdings subsequently clarified that it had not invested in ZKasino, “which appears to be fraudulent,” despite receiving a pro-rata token distribution offer from the platform.

Source: Big Brain Holdings


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