Private Jet Charter Service Candy Jets Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Candy Jets, a premier private jet charter service, has partnered with CoinCorner, a prominent Bitcoin services provider, to accept payments in Bitcoin for their luxury travel services, making them one of the first in the industry to embrace this payment method, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

JUST IN: Private jet charter service Candy Jets now accepts #Bitcoin Lightning payments 🚀

— Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) May 10, 2024

“Today’s announcement marks the start of an exciting new prospect for Candy Jets customers being able to pay for our market leading services in bitcoin,” said Candy Jets co-founder, Laura Green. “This announcement further demonstrates our forward-thinking approach and working with CoinCorner has given us the utmost confidence in delivering a bitcoin method of payment for our customers’ everyday transactions.”

With the growing trend of businesses integrating BTC into their payment options, Candy Jets joins the ranks of forward-thinking companies tapping into the benefits of Bitcoin. By leveraging CoinCorner’s Bitcoin payment solution, CoinCorner Checkout, Candy Jets now offers its clients the option to make payments using Bitcoin and Lightning, a layer built on top of Bitcoin allowing cheap and instant BTC payments.

The private jet charter services market has seen substantial growth, reaching USD 12.97 billion in 2023 and projected to rise to USD 21.18 billion by 2026, according to a report from This partnership positions Candy Jets well to capitalize on this growing industry by providing enhanced services and catering to a tech-savvy clientele accustomed to digital payments.

“We’re delighted to be working with Candy Jets to help them embrace Bitcoin,” CoinCorner CEO, Danny Scott stated. “A growing number of businesses are realising the benefits of accepting bitcoin – from opening up to a world of borderless payments, to reducing the time and costs associated with traditional payment methods – this innovative and forward-thinking approach is changing the future of payments.”

This announcement marks a significant milestone for Candy Jets and underscores the growing acceptance and adoption of Bitcoin in high-end service industries. Customers looking to experience the convenience and luxury of private air travel can now do so by paying with Bitcoin through Candy Jets‘ platform.

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