2024 could be very bullish for crypto — Here’s why

This week’s episode of Cointelegraph’s Market Talks welcomes Huf, the founder of Pear Protocol, a new decentralized exchange launching on Arbitrum in 2023. Huf worked as an equity derivatives trader for various investment banks for over a decade before entering the decentralized finance industry in 2019. He is often quoted in various news outlets for his views on the markets, which he shares in real time via his X (formerly Twitter) profile.

The show kicks off with Huf’s views on the current crypto market. Is it in need of a new stimulus and new money? Is it a closed system with the same money rotating from one protocol to the next or one blockchain to another? Is that the reason for such record-low volatility? 

Do narratives drive the current crypto market? If so, how can a trader or investor make the right decisions based on those narratives? Huf gives his insights and discusses the narratives he sees playing out in the near future — and those that have already played out.

Many crypto community members eagerly await the arrival of 2024, as they believe it will bring with it a new bull market — especially since 2024 is the year of the next Bitcoin halving. Huf explains why he is highly bullish on the first quarter of 2024 and why he thinks it will be the start of the next bull market.

The episode also discusses what needs to happen for central banks to start cutting interest rates: Will the decision rely on a continuous downtrend in inflation? And will the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund be approved in the United States in 2024? We discuss all this and more, so stick around until the end.

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