Ready, Steady, ZenGO!


Are you tired of having to keep track of seed phrases and passwords to ensure the safety of your crypto? Of having to choose between security and usability? Well, with ZenGo, you will never have to compromise again!

ZenGo is the simple and secure crypto wallet app fit for anyone from students to superheroes. Quick and easy to use, it is sure to keep your funds safe from any supervillain looking to lay their hands on your crypto. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this wallet unique!

What Is ZenGo?

ZenGo is a uniquely secure cryptocurrency wallet, but unlike other crypto wallets that also focus on top-notch security, ZenGo is also incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. ZenGo has no seed phrases, private keys, or passwords — user accounts are secured with private, encrypted facial biometrics.

Instead of using a single private key the way most other wallets do, ZenGo creates a pair of independent secret shares using an advanced type of cryptography called multiparty computation (MPC). One of the shares is stored on a user’s device, while the other is kept on ZenGo servers. As you need both of them to initiate transactions, neither ZenGo (nor any hackers) will be able to get access to your funds – only you control your crypto!

When you first launch the ZenGo app and create your account (which takes as little as 60 seconds, by the way), you will be asked to scan your face. Don’t worry your biometric data will be encrypted and stored as a non-identifiable mathematical representation of your face instead. This also makes it super simple to recover your wallet, if your phone gets lost, stolen, or breaks!

In addition to being a crypto wallet, ZenGo offers users in-app crypto-to-crypto trading, DeFi savings, Web3 connectivity to connect to NFT and DeFi Dapps, and the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It supports 74 coins and tokens, including but not limited to BTC, ETH, DOGE, and more.

ZenGo Superpowers

ZenGo’s superpower is top-notch security. As a superhero, it is definitely the protector type. Its incredibly high robustness allows it to fight off supervillains who try to steal your crypto 24/7 without any breaks.

Unlike some other superheroes whom we will not name, one doesn’t need to make special signs in the sky for ZenGo to appear — it will always be there for you.

ZenGo and Its Impact on the Industry

As the first on-chain crypto wallet with no seed phrase, ZenGo has shown the industry that one does not need to sacrifice usability to get top-notch security. The long-lasting effects of the innovations it has brought to the table are yet to be seen, but we can already confidently say that the project has left its mark on the crypto world.

Get $30 in ETH with Changelly and ZenGo

So, doesn’t ZenGo sound amazing? Now’s the perfect time to try it out! We’ve prepared a little challenge that will make it even more fun for you to explore ZenGo. Solve one of the riddles we’ve posted on our Twitter account and input the answer as a promo code in the ZenGo app to win $30 in ETH.

⇨ You must be a new ZenGo user.

⇨ One user can only enter one promo code.

⇨ The codes will only be valid until Sunday, April 17.

⇨ The prize will only be awarded to the first 100 users.

⇨ Please note that new ZenGo accounts must be backed up first before they can receive crypto.

⇨ A little tip (don’t read this if you don’t want any help with the challenge!): each riddle represents one verb.

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ZenGo app Android 

Good luck and have fun exploring ZenGo!