Decentralized Cuteness of Blockchain Cuties Universe 


The gates opened with heavy clunking noise and screeching. The crowd held their breath in anticipation. Pin-drop silence. Tension all over. The King and the Queen leaned forward to see the gladiator. And there she is! The most adorable and vicious tabby cat entered the arena, dragging a steel sword twice as big as her body. The crowd goes wild, and the Queen can’t hold her smile. This Blockchain Cutie is here to save the day! 

What Is Blockchain Cuties Universe?

Blockchain Cuties Universe is a collectible crypto game that allows you to play with fantasy creatures named Cuties. You can create, breed them, test your skills in battle, and try to become the ultimate Cutie Trainer.

Lizards, bear cubs, tigers, cats, dogs, bulls… The choice is limited by your imagination only! Owning a Cutie gives you -50 DeFi Stress and +50 Charm skill and provides an opportunity to earn real-life gold. It’s a secure and entertaining way to store digital assets and multiply their value.

How do you do that? Cuties are tender and loyal pets. They mimic the personality of their owners. They love when you upgrade them and mentor them in battles! 

Level up your Cutie and prove yourself fighting other players; unlock the ability to breed, play with changing their genes, and enjoy the results! The more experienced your pet is, the higher it costs. Each Cutie is non-fungible. You can exchange and trade them with other players like regular crypto. The thought-out in-game economy lets you sell and buy Cuties using smart contracts on different blockchains.

Blockchain Cuties Universe Superpowers

Superpower: Blockchain gaming pioneering

Did you know Cuties were one of the first to introduce blockchain gaming? And now, it has become their superpower! Be cautious: this one can sweep you off your feet! A Cutie will flip its tail or spin around and burst with the aura of innovation. It’s an unparalleled feature that can’t be blocked. The superpower attack paralyzes an opponent and makes them take a thoughtful shower for 50 minutes.

+100k cuteness

Pink noses, cute little paws, shining coats… No one can withstand the prettiness of Blockchain Cuties. When a Cutie is in your inventory, you get an epic boost to cuteness and speech-craft skills. 

+9001 blockchain agility

Forget Elastigirl, have you seen the blockchain agility of Cuties? All of them are non-fungible, which makes digital pets a flexible and secure long-term investment. Adorable munchkins are represented by NFTs on 5 different blockchains — namely, Ethereum, EOS, Matic, Tron, and NEO. Trade, train, buy, breed, multiply. Everything is up to you.

Become a Cutie Trainer and Win an NFT!

How to choose your Cutie? Look it in the eyes: if you feel the warmth and a tingling sense of adventures to come — it’s definitely your kind of pet! We offer you to enter a friendly competition with other players for your first trial. Choose and customize your Cutie. Enter the battle, win, and grab prizes!

Every Cutie master needs a mentor, and we are ready to guide you through the contest rules. They are simple, really:

➔ Subscribe to Changelly and Blockchain Cuties Twitter accounts.

➔ Like and retweet the post with the announcement.

➔ Leave a comment using the hashtags we’ve prepared.

➔ Done! You’re a wonder!

Tread lightly, we watch your every step… We will monitor the comments on our Twitter account under the announcement post and randomly write the word “Stop” 3 times. The last 10 brave competitors who leave their comments above the word “Stop” will receive an NFT. Are you ready for a fight? Because you can leave an unlimited number of comments within a single account.